Sunday, October 21, 2012

Kwik Sew Jacket

I made this jacket a couple of weeks ago but today is the first time to wear it.  I intend for this to be worn to tennis, but today we're taking DBF's grandkids to a playground so I thought it would be a good first wearing.  I have a superstition about wearing something new to play tennis in.  I'm very easily distracted while playing...a bird, a plane, Superman...anything breaks my concentration on the ball, which of course is fatal and explains why I'm not very good at tennis.  So if I wear the jacket today, then of course it's not new and can be worn to tennis.  (It really makes good sense, because if something's not very comfortable, then of course it's distracting.  Better to know in advance, yes?)  Anyway, I was pleased at the fit when I finished the jacket, but now, not so much.  But good for a first try.  Next time I'll lengthen the sleeves a little bit and take in the shoulders a little bit.

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Jane M said...

I love your thought process about new garments. I am so easily distractable that I can totally relate.