Friday, November 23, 2012

Everything's coming up roses

Yes, it's another edition of  the McCall's tee/Gorgeous Gore skirt, also with fabric from Gorgeous Fabrics.  The skirt is finished except for the hem, and I plan to wear it tomorrow night so hopefully some pictures soon.   I really do love that sort of fabric:  it's a knit but see the holographic sequins?  I've found that Spandex World has some, too.   But I promise it's the last dance outfit for awhile, anyway.  I'm about to move onto pants...the Elle pant from StyleArc, to be precise.  I made it a few weeks ago in a very stretchy jersey, and they seem to fit like Yoga pants.  This time I've got some slightly strechy mystery fabric that's been around my stash for a few years.  If they turn out okay, they will go with a sweater I purchased in thrift store recently in the same had faux fur collar and cuffs, which I find I can't resist.  And one tiny moth hole, easily mended.  What's with people who give away perfectly good clothes because they can't be bothered to pick up a needle and thread?  That repair took me three stitches and five minutes (two to thread the needle).  Meanwhile, I'm obsessed with some faux fur from 
I'd love to make my own collar, or one or two for gifts.  I know I saw instructions on the web somewhere....any ideas?  But don't expect to see a lot of fur items here, as I'm also pretty skittish about sewing on faux fur.  I understand it's kind of a nightmare to clean up and also I'm a little unsure about lining a collar or wrap.  However, if I'm not mistaken this fur is on sale at for a little under $18/yard and I swear I saw it there last week for $39/yard.  For that's quite a deal.

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