Saturday, November 17, 2012

Where I've been

I was sewing a lot for a few weeks before last week...and I got to wear several items on my cruise to Aruba.  We had about 18 ballroom dancers from Atlanta, along with an instructor, and we danced the week away!  Seriously, I have never danced as much in 8 consecutive days as I did on this cruise.  Two hours of dance lessons on every "at sea" day (four days), plus at least a couple of hours every evening after dinner.  I felt like I could pig out at meals because I was using up calories on the dance floor!  Of course I don't remember most of the information that we received in droves.  We learned the "Peabody" and the "Night Club Two Step" plus some personal tips directed at me regarding balance, flow, and movement.  A lot to take in, but that's what practice is for.  I also cherish the friendships I made with the lovely people I was privileged to cruise with.  Now when Henry and I go dancing, we'll have friends to sit with.  I only took half a dozen pictures during the whole week, but here's what we were doing during morning practice.

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