Friday, December 14, 2012

A Fabric Flower

This was my first fabric flower (confession:  I really don't like fabric flowers).  I watched several YouTube videos...isn't YouTube a fabulous learning tool?  And I was convinced I had this down pat.  I had to buy a glue gun for this project and actually remembered to also buy the glue, so I was all set.  The problem arose with the backing of the flower.  YT tells me to glue the whole assembly onto a piece of felt with a safety pin in it.  I didn't have felt so I used a sturdy piece of fleece...which was white.  When pinned, the droopy flower (I starched it several times, but no luck) exposed the white backing.  If you make a fabric flower, match the backing!  I ended up tacking the flower to the top.
I also, for the first time, used a few hot fix crystals on the flower.  I now have a greater appreciation for those who use hot fix crystals a lot.

In this picture you can see how the light changes the color of the velvet.  The flower is the true color.  See how lucky I was to find a silk that matched?  (The top is lying sideways on the skirt to show the flower.)