Saturday, December 1, 2012

Colorblocking and other bits and pieces

Yesterday I went with some sewing girlfriends to beautiful Madison, Georgia to their Christmas tour of homes.   It was a lot of fun, we actually shopped more than toured the homes.  Madison is that kind of small town with a lot of "artsy" shops.  I was good, though.  I passed up several things I would have liked from a shop that carries New Mexican silver jewelry.  I don't wear the stuff I already own! But I did purchase ten pounds of Amish butter and some other unusual produce from a local store.  The history of Madison is fun.  It's one of the few towns in Georgia with gorgeous antibellum homes.  The reason it escaped the Yankees, I heard, was that the people of the town put their money together and rode out to meet the invading army and paid them off.  The Yankees acted like gentlemen and swung wide around the town, leaving it with many gorgeous homes, which they are still making money off today.  In honor of the occasion  I wore my beige thrifted sweater with the fur collar and cuffs, and the StyleArc Elle pants from stash fabric that happend to match very well.  Today, I have a thrifted jacket of dark olive green with a black collar and cuffs, and found stash fabric in the same olive.  So I finished a pair of the Elle pants, but want to make a top to finish the ensemble.  But I don't have quite enough fabric.  I do have, however, some black knit in a similar weight.  So I want to colorblock the top.  The problem is, however, I don't have the faintest idea how the finished look should be.  I've cut the entire front in the olive, and I have enough for the sleeves but not for the back.  So I'm thinking black for both the back and front, sleeves of the olive, and maybe an embellishment on the front in the olive?   Something to think about, but not for long.  I need to get it finished because December is now upon us, and Christmas parties are being scheduled!  I have two dresses at least that I need to complete before then:  a red stretch velvet with a long skirt, and a purple/blue sequin knit for my TNT McCall's/Style Arc outfit.  Meanwhile, I need to go get dressed for tonight's dance, and tomorrow we have Henry's grandkids to entertain.  So I'll be too tired tomorrow night to sew, that's for sure.

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Jane M said...

What a beautiful Christmas display. Sounds like a fun time.