Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Making it work in red stretch velvet

No pictures yet (I keep forgetting to take my camera down to the sewing room) but have you ever had one of those days?  I'm making a red (really, burgundy) stretch velvet floor-length dress for Christmas dances.  This is going to be yet another version of my TNT McCall's/Style Arc top and skirt, but I had the bright idea of drafting the skirt floor length and using some really pretty velvet that I bought years ago in Philadelphia (get it?  No possibility whatsoever of finding more.)  I was sure I had plenty of fabric for four gores and the top.  Just to be absolutely okay with this I cut the top first.  Then I proceeded to cut the four gores.  No problem!  Except the skirt has SIX gores.  How can I have made this skirt a half dozen times and not remembered that?  Well, I eeked out six gores by piecing one gore:  hardly noticeable.  Until it was put together and hung up.  One gore has the nap upside down!  Naturally at this point all I have left is scraps.   All this while watching my DVD set of Project Runway #10, which my son sent me as part of my Christmas present.  Except the last four episodes are missing.  I'm determined to make this all work, however.  I've just sent the son an email strongly suggesting he remedy the missing DVD.  Then I'm going shopping on Friday to see if I can find some killer trim.  I'll see if I can put trim down each side of the offending gore and make the thing the front of the skirt, with "design details" (i.e., the nap is darker there).  Otherwise I'll just have to hope the party is very poorly lit. (Kind of like what I just realized my sewing room is...poorly lit, that is.)  But meanwhile I just shut it all down and came up to my computer to whine about it all.

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