Sunday, December 16, 2012

No sewing

I've been down with a bad backache for a day or so, so nothing new for me to post, but I do want to acknowledge a beautiful jacket that Ann of Gorgeous Fabrics just posted.  It's a Marcy Tilton design from Vogue Patterns and she did a *gorgeous* job with a double sided wool crepe.  It makes me want to copy it....a first for me with a Marcy Tilton pattern.  Why do I suspect that mine would not look nearly as good?

I did manage to make it to my Atlanta Sewing Guild annual Christmas brunch yesterday morning.  It was lovely as usual, a warm and friendly group of women with a mutual interest in sewing garments.  A sewing friend was kind enough to have her husband pick up a bunch of us and deliver us to the party, because of course parking was tight.  To my great sorrow one of us in the car is an old friend who has been stricken with ALS.  This is the terrifying disease that I fear more than any other, but she is handling it with grace and composure, bless her. 

We went to a dance on Friday night and I wore my "Everything's Coming Up Roses" dress, but I didn't have a very good time.  I had a little exchange with the band leader, who seemed to feel that playing a waltz involved racing to catch an express train.  He's very good with Glenn Miller type swing, but awful at slower tempos.  I asked him if he danced and he said "no", of course.  Why, oh why, do dance band leaders feel they don't have to know anything at all about dance?  Anyway I couldn't get to sleep that night, going over and over that argument, plus the back pain, so the upshot was I didn't go to the Christmas Dance at Allure last night.  Henry went out to the American Legion instead and I stayed in bed and read.  It's okay because my back is better today and the big Christmas dance is next weekend anyway.


Judith said...

Glad to hear your back is better after a rest. What are you planning to wear to the Christmas dance next weekend? And forget about the band leader - not worth wasting you time on...

Gorgeous Things said...

That's so kind of you to point out my jacket - thank you! It was fun to make. It's a great pattern, and the double-faced wool made it even more interesting. Figuring out the logistics of construction order was a great challenge.