Saturday, December 8, 2012


After a lot of searching at Gail K's today my friend and I found a beautiful burnout silk to use as an overlay on my velvet dress.  It was so helpful to have her along to give her opinion.  Once I found a fabric that we both liked, I knew we had a winner!  There is another decision to make now, though.  So far both the top and the skirt that I sew are always plain, with the fabric being the statement.  Now that I have this silk panel on the skirt, I feel I need to add some type of embelishment to the top to tie it all together.  Because the silk was so expensive I am experiementing with just tiny scraps cut from the panel (I have enough left for a simple overblouse if I don't get too crazy with my experiments).  So the picture shows a sort of awkward bow pinned to the top.  I don't plan to wear the dress until the 22nd, so plenty of time to think things through.  But it already looks so much better!


RhondaBuss said...

Just an idea, you can combine the silk with some feathers and make a wonderful piece that can be worn on the top or in your hair.

Carole Mellin said...

What a great idea! Thank you!