Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Rescuing the velvet dress.

The velvet dress that I cut with one gore upside down (the nap running the wrong way) has a few possibilities.  I'm going shopping with a friend on Friday to the one good fabric store in Atlanta, and also to a couple of trim stores.  But meanwhile I've been browsing online.  I'm considering floating a sheer panel over the offending gore.  I only need a yard for the fix but of course the trouble is, it's a red dress and we all know what that means.  I see it as more of a cherry red.  It's certainly not scarlet, and it's not burgundy.  Of course, being me, it has glitter on the velvet, which then changes the color as it moves.  The glitter is also red (it sounds ghastly but it really is pretty.  The effect is soft sparkles while moving).  So here are a couple of options from my current favorite online shop, Spandex World.  The first, as described: 


Red/Multicolored nylon mesh with red glitter patterns (pictures were taken over a black background) $12/yard.

Stretch poly glitter sheer $10/yard.

Same idea, also $10/yard.

And here's the dress with the skirt's wrong side gore front and center.  Spandex World describes these fabrics as being sheer black mesh with sequins.  So far in the pictures they both look like a pretty good match, but we all know how deceptive our monitors can be.  And black mesh may make it look even darker. But they say the pictures were taken over a black background.  Does that mean the fabric is brighter than shown?  And the sequins would make it sparkle even more.  See how my mind runs?  As if I could make a snap decision on anything, any time...

Meanwhile, in non-sewing related matters, neither Henry nor I could get any sleep last night.  Last I looked, it was after 5 am.  No reason for either of us, except maybe getting older!  But I had a dance lesson today (fabulous) so I had to get up, stumble around for awhile, then get dressed and out.  We had also made plans to pick up three of his grandchildren to take to a local Christmas celebration.  I think this must have been the first time the town has tried this particular event, because it was poorly organized and I believe they seriously underestimated the turnout.  We lost two of the kids for awhile!  Admittedly, they are little bandits when it comes to going off on their own.  But cute?  Yes.  However, adding insult to injury we just had to take them to a McDonald's Playplace after.  We have found out the hard way that these kids have a two hour maximum good behavior zone.  Learn by doing, and not always by doing it right! 
This is Jazzy looking pleased that she's stolen all the beanbags from the beanbag toss.  Nobody was playing anyway, it was too crowded.

Tomorrow is going to be spent recovering.


RhondaBuss said...

How beautiful. You will really shine!!

Jane M said...

I'm liking that second Spandex House fabric and think it would really shine on your dress.

Carole Mellin said...

Yes, I like the second one best, too! Enough but not too much.