Wednesday, December 26, 2012

The Last Christmas Gift

I made this cute little fleece top for Henry's granddaughter but I didn't get to see it on her.  By all accounts, it was adorable but nobody thought to take a picture.  It fit her perfectly, I was told.  In other news, I have two special gifts to record:

flowers from my son and his girlfriend, and:

giraffe border print fabric, stretched across my bannister.
(I bought this last as a present to myself!)


Judith said...

You will have to put in an order for a photo next time she wears the top - it looks adorable...J...

RhondaBuss said...

I love the border print. Where did you find it and is there anymore left???

Carole Mellin said...

Rhonda, I got the fabric from Zoelee's Fabric

be aware that the border is very large!