Sunday, January 6, 2013

Feather fun

Just for fun I'm showing a blurry picture of my latest outfit.  Running out the door, late as usual to a dance, I really wanted to capture a picture of this.  I picked it up today at a thrift store for $45, a huge price for a thrift store item but it's a designer set.  Pants, top, and sweater all fit perfectly.  Although I'm technically against stripping birds of their feathers as well as animals of their fur, I figure if it's not retail at least it's getting a second life.  Plus I'm a sucker for big ruffly stuff around my face and wrists.  The dance, however, was a bust as Henry once again criticized the way I dance once too often so we're not exactly speaking at the moment!


Jane M said...

Love those dramatic and flattering accents. And I agree about recycled furs being very PC.
Sorry to hear about your dancing dilemmas but I sure sympathize. DH and I stopped lessons (which also means our skills stopped at that level) because I hated spending money only to have him justify his mistakes and blame me. Not all the time, for sure, but enough to call a halt to the lessons. Now years later I'm considering resuming lessons on my own when we get up north this year. I'd like to be a better dancer and also learn to follow better.

Judith said...

That outfit would have looked amazing on you when dancing - the moment in the feathers would have been great. Next time at a dance, get in first and send a negative comment in the direction of Henry - see how he likes it!!! Just don't stop dancing because of the silly words of others...J

BJ in TX said...

Henry needs to make a New Year's resolution not to criticize you! I have to say the outfits you sew are fabulous - love seeing what you're up to.