Thursday, January 10, 2013


Although I don't talk about my house much in this blog, Pauline recently posted some gorgeous pictures she made for her London flat. It made me think of a couple of items I've recently acquired, and why. A dear, dear friend died a few months ago and her daughter called to see if her Mother's good friends would like to purchase some items from the house sale. We were given a private tour before it opened to the public, and I got a few small things which had stories attached. I've always admired Pat's mirrored candlesticks and asked if she ever came across more she would let me know. Little did I know that it would break my heart to acquire mirrored candlesticks the way I did, but of course Pat's were the first item on my list. I also got this little angel who will always remind me of her. These are good memories, not sad, and I'm proud and happy to display them in my home.


pdiddly said...

These are lovely memories, albeit it a sad way to get them - thank you for the comment on my pictures

Judith said...

This is a lovely way to remember your dear friend.

Bebe Taylor said...

Carole I understand your feelings about your friend's treasures. Having recently lost my mother, it broke my heart to bring her treasures into my home. But now, I feel happiness when I look at them , because they were special to her.

Debbie from Georgia