Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Back to sewing

I finished the birthday gifts but no pictures, because you never know who might be snooping around my blog.  And I've firmed up my plans for visiting the son and grandchildren around Easter, which involves meeting the girlfriend's parents.  Naturally that calls for a new dress!  All year I've been sewing tennis clothes and dancing clothes, so I don't have any "meet the parents" clothes that I think would be nice.  That is to say, NOT pants and a jacket.  Those I have plenty of, but I fancy a dress so I'm making one.  And I hope it's not a massive fail, because it's going to be a "Frankenpattern".
I'm taking the sleeves (and maybe the collar) from the top left (white blouse).  Adding them to my basic bodice blueprint from SureFit Designs (which, being basic, is sleeveless and collarless).

Then I plan to attach the busk and the skirt of the Gorgeous Gore pattern from Style Arc; and baste it all together to make a dress.  I know the bodice fits and I know the skirt fits, so logically it should all go together, right????  Best laid plans and all that.  The fabric is a really pretty fuchsia lightweight wool crepe from Mood and I am cutting out and fitting the lining first!  If that's a big fail, I'll have to drop back and plan something else.  Maybe tomorrow I'll remember to bring my camera down to the sewing room.  I'm kind of hoping the dress body will look like Vogue 2900, only with full sleeves:

In other news, I also took in  the Willow pants from Style Arc and I've made the Sailor Sue pants from Style Arc, which I haven't even tried on yet.  I sized down from the Willow (which was too big) and up from the Elle pant, which was great but fit more like leggings.  So I'm hoping these meet in the middle and anyway they are just for lounging around the house.  I made them out of a soft jersey knit and with the same fabric made the  Eva "freebie" pattern I got with my order:

Seems like I've got a lot of pictures to take!

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