Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Chanel 2013 Details

I've always been drawn to the classic couture of the House of Chanel.  This year I was able to inspect (via the Internet, sadly) elements up close.  As always, they are meticulous and interesting.


RhondaBuss said...

Thanks for posting the details. I too like looking for special details. I don't always like the designer's over all look, but the details are worth noticing and logging away for future projects. Aren't we lucky we sew?!!!

pdiddly said...

I agree with Rhonda, not sure I like the overall looks but the individual elements are nice to consider for future projects.

Terri K said...

Carole - It was great seeing and talking to you yesterday. BTW there were some Chanel pieces at Neiman Marcus Last Call in Duluth GA yesterday. If you're at the Expo today you could go over there and check them and many high end gorgeous designer pieces I saw.