Friday, March 22, 2013

Pink and more pink

I worked a little on the pink dress tonight, taking up the bodice and a little in the left armscye which seemed to have a small wrinkle,  But I've given up the idea of wearing it for Easter, since I am so "over" this dress.  It might work out for dancing, but I was discussing the dress with a group of sewing friends at lunch today and they suggested I take the skirt off and recut it as an A-line skirt.  That's way too much for right now.  I leave in the morning to see the grandkids.   And by the time I get back it more than likely will be too warm to wear wool crepe!  So, another UFO for my wintertime sewing.  But as long as I had the machine threaded, I got out another pink fabric that just arrived from  I suspected, when ordering, that it was the same fabric as that I made the E-shrug from at my sewing class during Expo.  And it was the same, just in pink.  A very pretty color of pink, too!  So I made a quick and easy McCall's TNT top.  I guess I ordered two yards, so I actually have enough for a skirt.  Something to make when I return.  I guess it's hasta la vista for awhile, though!

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RhondaBuss said...

Enjoy your visit with your family. Sometimes, most times, a little break is good as you come back with a fresh perspective.