Sunday, March 3, 2013

Trials and Tribulations

My new refrigerator......So after a huge amount of $$ and work spent relandscaping my yard to stop a persistent leak, I have bowed to the inevitable and will have a sump pump installed in the crawl space.  It's a big "fail" for me, because as a Realtor I am very cognizant that buyers are a little skittish when they know a sump pump is in the basement.  But hopefully I can convince a future buyer that I have taken all necessary steps to ensure a dry basement.  I don't have any plans to sell, but I live as if my house is going on the market next week...because for so many years, that's how I made my living, moving into "fixers", renovating, and moving on.  Having accepted the sump pump idea, I thought, I went to bed and tossed and turned until 3:30 am, reviewing the decision.  Then at 8 am I was awakened with the good news that my refrigerator has given up the ghost.  All in the same week that I dropped off my stuff to the tax man, and am planning not one, but two, expensive trips.  Doesn't it aways happen at once?  Needless to say, today I gave myself a present of a new book and a trip out to lunch at my favorite restaurant!  Early to bed to read, and no sewing.


pdiddly said...

life seems to take us on these twists and turns - I hope you enjoyed your reading

ACorgiHouse said...

Boy, things do happen in waves, don't they? If it's any consolation, I love my French door fridge! Happy reading :) K