Sunday, April 21, 2013

Spring Fling Haul and another Wendy pant

Yesterday was our annual "Spring Fling" for all members of the Atlanta Sewing Guild.  It was a full day with a fashion show, fabric/pattern sale, entertainment, and lunch.  Each neighborhood group decorates a table with the general theme, and I'm always amazed at the creativity and enthusiasm of these ladies.  I hope I can post pictures from our ASG website, because I forgot to bring my camera.  I did come home with some goodies.  The cat pincushion was a table favor from the "Cats" table (the theme was "Broadway" and one of my groups' tables was "Hair" and the other "Phantom").  The fabric shown above was $1 per yard and will be the perfect curtains for my guest room.  And the patterns...what a haul for .25 each, dance dress material is auditioning for each.

I'm also sewing another pair of Style Arc Wendy pants.  My new resolution is to sew to fill gaps in my wardrobe and one thing I need is casual pants.  This is a lightweight stretch denim from JoAnn's, a little shiny when I got it home.  I'm not willing to invest the work to make them "jeans" so I'll put in an elastic waist, which is what I wear all the time anyway.

I'm thinking about joining the "Me Made May" group, but I'm unsure of the rules.  I think the rules are that you make your own rules, which is fine with me.  I'm not going to be able to wear something that I made every single day in May, but if you can make up your own rules I could wear something every other day in May or twice a week in get the idea.


Judith said...

Spring Fling sounds like a great day out - you picked up some super buys! Good luck with the pants - I haven't travelled down the pants pathway - yet ... J

Jo Lynn said...

I just joined ASG this past week, so I will look forward to fun like this. I wish I could partake in MeMadeMay, but not enough Me Made Pieces yet. Next year! Have fun Carole!

Martha said...

Now I'm sad I missed Spring Fling, sitting here in Charleston with little boys running circles around me. Anyway, I like the idea of MeMakeMyOwnRulesMay.

Jane M said...

Sounds like a wonderful gathering of friendly, like-minded people. And I think you can always make up your own rules any month:-) That's what custom work means, right?