Sunday, May 12, 2013

Taming the Linda

Pant, that is.  From Style Arc patterns.  I love Style Arc and heard wonderful things about the "Linda" pant, so I ordered the pattern.  Now I find that the legs are rather wide, which is no longer the style.  Style Arc has a new pattern, redrafted with narrower legs, called the "Barb".  I already own the "Elle" pant from Style Arc, and the "Willow" pant.  The "Willow" has the narrow leg and is meant for a non-stretch fabric, while the "Elle" has a very narrow leg---I'd say they are leggings---and meant for a stretch fabric.  So when I received my "Linda" I decided I really didn't want to pay for, and wait for, yet another pants pattern.  I compared all the patterns and redrew the legs of the "Linda".  I've cut the fabric out, so keep our fingers crossed!  But meanwhile my machine bobbin is acting up again.  I just got her out of the shop for the same problem.  What's up with that?  So I'm not going to chew up my fabric until  I get that straightened out.

Barb pant

Willow pant

Elle pant

Linda pant

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