Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Sewing, juicing, blogging

I'm not blogging recently but I'm in a marathon of sewing.  My big trip is in three weeks and I'm making almost everything I will wear for 42 days.  I didn't originally plan it that way, but of course you really need a LOT of coordinates for 42 days of varied weather (and almost certainly some rainy days).  So since I don't like to shop and REALLY don't like to pay retail, I decided it's easier to make everything.  So far I've made seven pairs of StyleArc Linda pants and two or three tops for each.  Now I'm starting on jackets.  Oh, and a couple of my StyleArc gored skirts/McCalls tee shirt outfits that are sparkly knits, which will also mix and match with plain tops or bottoms.  Now to cram all this into one large suitcase...that would be a picture worth taking.

The juicing part is all Henry's idea.  He's on a serious health kick and could give a trained nutritionist a run for the money since he has now read dozens of books on the subject.  I've always been mostly vegetarian, but now he is one and we have our fresh veggie juice every morning.  Today he informed me that in my glass alone were 3 carrots, one apple, some fresh ginger, two stalks of celery, a bunch of spinach, and a large handful of parsley.  Burp.  However, I have to say that my arthritis is mostly GONE.  Is that the placebo effect or not?  I'll take it, whichever.  Which leads me to finale of my title, tennis.  Just because my arthritis is gone doesn't mean my game has improved.  I'm 50/50 win/loss for the season.  Miss Scarlett speaks:  tomorrow is another day...

                                                                     Plus, we went to Barnes & Noble today:  Henry picked up yet ANOTHER juicing book, but I got a map of Barcelona and marked three fabric stores to visit!


RhondaBuss said...

Have a blast in Barcelona. I loved the city. Just watch out for the gypsies. They aren't so bad, but be very mindful of your purse at all times.
When you have time, write a little more about the juicing. sounds very interesting.

Carol said...

Carole -- re your 7 linda pants - what fabrics did you use and which
worked best? I couldn't figure out how to search your website for this info Thanks very much

Carol (santarosie)