Saturday, December 28, 2013

Retrospective: the top 5

Several bloggers are reminiscing about the past year's sewing accomplishments, and since I'm home with a cold, I decided to do the same.  Although I didn't reach either my sewing or weight loss goals, I can't call the year a loss since I improved both.  I did sew a lot of tennis clothes, which I wore constantly and was complimented on, and also I sewed several outfits for dancing. All in all I sewed about 22 garments in 2013, and am learning new techniques as fast as I can.  I thought about the "No Ready to Wear" challenge for 2014 since that is one of my semi-goals.  I think maybe I'll call it my "Minimal Ready to Wear" since I do love to visit consignment shops.  Ever since my sister opened one I've had my eyes opened to the bargains to be found there.  Anyway, here is my top 5:

A version of my TNT "Gorgeous Gore" skirt from Style Arc and my TNT tee top:

Next up, a pink outfit from's "crushed knit" collection which has the most remarkable jewel-like colors that I get compliments every time I wear this (which is not often enough), sorry for the blurry picture:
For everyday life, an outfit I wore a lot.  I need to make more of these. StyleArc pants and a self drafted top.  I seem to love voile fabric and this blouse is a good style for voile:
Next, an outfit that was a hit on my recent cruise.  I didn't take enough formal outfits (16 formal dinners) so the top to this outfit did double duty with a pair of black palazzo pants (StyleArc's Sailor Sue).  Shown here as I wore it mostly, though, with matching ponte knit TNT pants:

and finally, my Christmas dance dress made from Style Arc's Gorgeous Gore lengthened and my TNT tee, the same as the first picture, only this time of stretch velvet with an overlay of embroidered silk:
So that was it for 2013, except numerous tennis clothes.  I even made a couple of warmup suits.  I call them fails, even though I wear them (I seriously need a LOT of tennis warmup suits).  One was the wrong fabric, one jacket was too long, etc.  This is what's coming up on my cutting table, once I finish the jacket I was working on before I left.
What were your favorite pieces of 2013?


BeaJay said...

Lovely - especially the last one. Happy 2014

Judith said...

All gorgeous and well made outfits ~ I can see why you rake in the compliments during the year when wearing these ... keep the sewing going in 2014 ... J