Sunday, January 12, 2014

Sewing up a storm

Since my last post I've practically lived in my sewing room.  The problem is I've gone nowhere to show off my new outfits in pictures!  I'll try to remedy that tomorrow.  I used one of my favorite patterns, Style Arc Diana skirt, and a tee shirt pattern.  The tee shirt is a mash up of my favorite TNT McCall's plus the Christine Jonson Travel Trio One tee.  I like the McCalls because it has bust darts and more waist shaping, but it has a scoop neckline.  That won't do in winter, so I redrew another pattern with the CJ turtleneck.  I have to say, it worked out well.  I made virtually the same outfit in an olive wool knit and a heavy crimson ponte.  This was stashbusting at work.  Unfortunately I am expecting deliveries from Fabric Mart and Emma One Sock.  So I guess I didn't spend ALL my time in the sewing room....

This is a preview of coming attractions:

Cotton stretch from EOS and a coordinating sweater knit for a dressy tee

Dontcha just love how Linda suggests coordinating fabrics?  Takes the guesswork out.

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