Saturday, March 15, 2014

A Day at the Sewing Expo

Whew, what a long day I put in yesterday, and that after a 10 hour day watching and playing tennis the day before..  We left at 8 am and I drove through Atlanta's maddening rush hour traffic clear across town to the Expo site.  Then classes all day...I'll try to give a review later but I really enjoyed making my very first quilted tote bag.  Usually Expo food is awful but I found out, entirely by accident, that other vendors are now making a small unheralded appearance (none of my other friends were even aware they were there.)  Of course by the time I found McAllister's Deli it was out of food, so my lunch was a bag of chips.  I only had half an hour to shop and then back to classes.  We all went out to dinner rather than face more rush hour traffic home, so I didn't get home until after 8 pm, making it one more 12 hour day.  I had two more classes this morning but you can tell that instead I am sitting home typing on my computer.  Just couldn't face it again and really sorry I am missing the incomparable Cynthia Guffey.  But she's now moved to Georgia, so I hope she will be at many of our Atlanta sewing events.
If you weren't able to feed your sewing habit at the Atlanta Expo and want some eye candy, I'd suggest you head over to Carolyn's blog and buy something from Kashi instead.  I am.


Linda T said...

I understand. It's easy to get on overload at those events. Happy to hear made one day - albeit a long one!

Lisa P said...

I went to the Expo a couple years ago in Schaumburg - definitely a full experience! I'm glad you had fun!