Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Being Craftsy

Every year our city wide Atlanta Sewing Guild has a luncheon, called "Spring Fling". All of the neighborhood groups sponsor a table, complete with theme and decorations.  Of course it's a little bit of a competition and some get really elaborate.  This year one of the groups I belong to (thank goodness, not one of the "elaborate" ones) has decided on a zoo theme.  Someone is responsible for animal themed placemats, another will bring animal crackers for a favor, and many will make stuffed animals to be given to a children's charity later.  I volunteered to make the sign for the table.  I don't know why, but I enjoy projects like that.  So I've put together this sign on about a 3' stand, which will be above the heads of the seated women.  And now I'm working on the hard part.  This is subject to change, which is why I've simply cut out the letters and haven't stuck them on yet.  I did try on the computer, but it didn't work out well because the sign is so large.

Have you been following the Hobby Lobby kerfluffle?  I won't shop there, so the supplies came from Michael's Craft store, and I was very pleased with the selection.  The frame was already elaborately carved from a light balsa wood and the dowel was at Michael's as well, along with the little animals, the turquoise foam backing, the lettering, and the gold glitter paint.  Now, where did I put my Bedazzler?

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