Tuesday, July 8, 2014

If anything can go wrong..and Thrifty Tuesday

A simple pair of white knit leggings from a pattern I've made countless times before.  So simple, in fact, that I didn't pay attention and ended up unpicking three seams.  And one of the seams didn't need unpicking, as I found when I got to the end of the leg...it was the other leg that needed unpicking!  All in all, a study in patience, but I do have a nice pair of white leggings to go with my new purchased top.  I plan to wear the outfit to my sewing club on Saturday so maybe I'll remember to get a picture.

The Thrifty Tuesday part was an accident (maybe to make up for those three seams?)  I had an hour to spare between appointments and passed by a Goodwill thrift store.  Naturally I dropped in, and here's my haul:

A pair of jeans, a cardigan, two casual tops, and an Isaac Mizrahi suede skirt.  My total bill:  $22.64.  It's kind of sad how America is so swimming in "stuff" that you can purchase goods like these for mere pennies.  Still, these clothes will be used and enjoyed, and not go to a landfill (for awhile, anyway).

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Linda T said...

Yep, nice haul! I, too, came away from our local thrift shop with 5 items for $15 and some change. It was 50% off day. A cotton knit top with tags still on that will go to Sis if she likes it or cut down for me if she passes; a dress to be made into a top for DGD; a dress that will be made into a tunic for me; two other dresses because I liked the fabric and will use for something - a silk/rayon and a linen/rayon. Both looked like new.