Monday, October 20, 2014

More about tennis

After all, the tagline to my blog is "not necessarily sewing..." isn't it?  So I thought I'd post a little about my tennis life.  This blog is kind of an online diary, anyway, and tennis has been very prominent in my current life.  One of the reasons I sew my tennis clothes is to sew for my lifestyle!

So the big news today is:  We're going to the playoffs!  We've been moved up the ladder to C-5!  Now I know this is a big, big yawn for most, but it's a big, big deal for me, lol.  I have been captain of the team for 2 seasons and have managed to move the team up three levels and go to the playoffs.  This has not been accomplished by any other captain of our team.  Actually I'm not necessarily patting myself on the back, because we have wonderful players on the team.  But it is my responsibility to pair the partners, to keep them motivated, to balance the personalities of 15 or so adult women (who should know better), and, in my case, get rid of some deadwood and add a couple of potential winning players.  So, I am happy.  But exhausted.  Naturally this is also the weekend for our sewing club's big annual meeting, where I have to model a garment I made.  I have been storing the donated fabric that will be sold at the meeting, so tons of people will be coming to my house to pick it up.  All day tomorrow will be devoted to the meeting.  All day Sunday will be devoted to making a meal for a sick friend and setting up the teams for Tuesday's match.  Monday the meal will be delivered, we have a dance scheduled, and then Tuesday we play in the playoff match.  Who said retirement was easy?


Martha said...

You go, Carole! What fun!

Jane M said...

Congrats! Going to the playoffs is wonderful and you deserve to be proud. Sounds like a fun, enjoyable retirement to me.