Sunday, February 1, 2015

Scuba knit outfit completed

As part of the Make A Garment A Month group  I was pushed to photograph this before the end of January, even though I had finished it about a week earlier.  Do you sew things you have no place to wear?  I took the opportunity to wear this to a sewing club meeting.  A little overdressed, but hey, I wore something I sewed myself.  I think, considering the unusual fabric, I made a pretty good choice in patterns.  But I would like to think of something really different to use the approximately one yard I have left.  Sleeves?  Skirt hem?  Ideas are welcome!


sdBev said...

Oh Carol yes I so the same kind of things. I think this looks geeat.

Audrey said...

I love what you made out of the laser cut knit. The gray looks fabulous with the burgundy. It is not too dressy an outfit for the program presenter. When you mentioned your program topic, I though how perfect, she has so many great versions to show. I had to change clothes in front of everyone for my presentation. ( I wore exercise top and shorts) but I should have thought of that before I picked my topic.

La Vonda C said...

This is a *beautiful* outfit! What patterns did you use? I think that the fabrics/pattern are a lovely match.