Sunday, November 26, 2006

The Boy's Christmas clown suit

I will publish the pictures soon of the clown suit I am making for DGS. It's cute and I am using the serger---finding it isn't as scary as I thought. I finally learned to leave the thread after sewing. I am so used to clipping it at my regular machine but that certainly isn't a good idea with the serger.

The kids love costumes at their ages (6 and 3) so I decided to get some Halloween fabric at the sales and give them costumes for Christmas. With luck I will get one done per child but I have lots of fabric for many. It will work out fine because those children get so many gifts at Christmas that I have decided I would rather send them something once a month from me and spread out the fun over the year. I can't believe I actually made this suit with a placket and ruffled collar without any instructions. I just hope it fits!

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