Monday, November 27, 2006

More fabric and patterns

I must stop going to Hancock's and JoAnn's. I stopped by Hancock's on my way home from a meeting because I just needed a little elastic and pompoms for final touches on the The Boy's clown suit. Of course they were having a sale on Vogue patterns, so I bought a great one for a knit shirt, even though I already have a pattern that's very similar. Naturally I found some great red knit to go with it. Then I found a good Sandra Betzina's jacket pattern to go with the camel colored suedecloth I already have, which will match the denin-with-gold stripe pants, whch I haven't made yet....looking in my closet I realized I really need plain brown pants and plain navy pants. Those are just boring fabrics. I will have to wait for a really good TV series (next Project Runway?) before I tackle such a boring job!

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