Thursday, November 30, 2006


SWAP, or Sewing With A Plan, is going on right now. It's a sew-along via the Internet. I am lurking in the margins because I will not participate, but I was thinking about it this morning and realizing what a brilliant plan it is. I've vowed in the past never to purchase anything that does not have a co-ordinating piece to go along, such as a jacket, or a pair of pants that can be worn with multiple tops, etc. But I really never considered co-ordinating my whole wardrobe. I mentioned a couple of days back that I needed navy pants. On thinking of the SWAP I realized I rarely wear navy. So if one is to go to the trouble of custom sewing a pair of pants, why in the world would I spend time on navy? This is the kind of thinking the SWAP encourages, and why I am delighted someone thought of it. Now I plan - plan - to treat my entire closet with this new mindset. When reading about the decisions other sewers make regarding color choices and so forth, I made the vow to do the same for myself. I may not enter the SWAP but I will vow to sew with the SWAP in mind! Of course that means I have to co-ordinate all those fabrics I have already purchased.....hmmmmm.

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