Sunday, December 24, 2006

Christmas at Callaway 2006

And what a wonderful time we had. Seems too bad that one anticipates the event for so long and so happily, then it is over so quickly. Of course it was only about 24 hours, since we met DS and family at Callaway on Saturday afternoon and left them by Sunday afternoon. However, we packed a lot in that short time! First, check out the rooms: perfect. First level, right by the parking for DH so he wouldn't have to walk too far. Facing the courtyard and just a few doors down from the children, so we could all meet. DGD sat by the fishpond, and, with a few leaves, made a "salad" for the goldfishs' dinner. Then we all went for an early supper (more like "high tea") at 4:30 so we could catch the shuttle to the lights. It was kind of funny when I showed up with blankets as it was so warm, but after dark in the trolley it did get chilly! DGD urged DH to "get on the bus, quick! It's fulling up!" The light show had the children fascinated, as it is the largest of it's kind in the world with millions of lightbulbs, miles of paths, miles of cable, etc., etc. All too quickly the evening was over and time for bed. In the morning, after a delicious buffet breakfast, off we went to the Butterfly House and and a short drive through the Gardens, then, alas, they had to leave for other engagements. Everyone here is competing for the children's attention so they will probably be exhausted by it all, but so cute and gracious! Tomorrow, Christmas Day, they come to our house for lunch and presents...I hope the costumes fit!

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