Wednesday, December 27, 2006

Bye for now, kids!

DS and family left via the Southern Crescent tonight. As usual, the train was an hour late arriving so we left them at the station rather than waiting with them. Poor DGD was not feeling well and was already in her pj's! I spent some time this evening arranging the web page from Picassa with all the pictures in the correct order. Great memories! We really had a wonderful Christmas this year. DH surprised me with a rotary cutter and mat. I had not even mentioned that I wanted one. He found JoAnn Fabrics (no easy task in itself), located a knowledgable saleswoman, and told her what I already had. She suggested the rotary cutter and I could not believe it when I opened the box. I did say I wanted a little something to open (since he already had purchased the serger for my present). But I never expected something that I secretly coveted! As DDIL said, "That's true romance."
What's more, my dinner plans on Christmas Day came off without a hitch and, since I don't consider myself any sort of cook, that was a surprise in itself! All in all, a very satisfactory and memorable Christmas.
Plus, today I ordered fabric from Emma One Sock that I have wanted since November: now it is on sale! It's a sweaterweight boucle and I will make it up after I return from my DS house in February. Right now I am planning her gowns and bedjacket. I have the jacket cut out, I love the fabric and wish I knew what it was and had yards more of it...I call it "Angelhair fleece" because it feels so soft. I can't think of a better use for it than for my DS bedjacket.

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