Thursday, December 28, 2006


Lots of sewing related stuff but not much sewing - yet! The Sewing Expo website was up for the first time today. It will be here in March so I quickly arranged to attend several seminars. It took over an hour to decide, they all sound like something I either need or would like. Then my new issue of Threads came in, so I spent another hour there; and a couple of hours at the computer and here I am, early evening. However, at eight tonight there is supposed to be a (based on true) movie about Laura Ingalls Wilder. I don't know if we even get the channel, it's way up there in the numbers, but I am a lifelong fan of LIW and have read her books countless times. Hated the TV series because it was so NOT the truth. Hopefully the movie will keep me in the sewing room long enough to assemble the bedjacket and cut out the lining.

I heard from the kids and they are safely home, though DGD is still sick and slept all day long. The doctor says it is not serious. DH is on the phone trying belatedly to arrange dinner for New Year's Eve. We are up to a group of sixteen. With everyone so busy or out of town over Christmas, we left it very late. But we might just all do potluck at someone's home. The important thing is to be with friends after all.

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