Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Still Sandra

Still struggling with my Sandra Betzina jacket. The muslin was made from polyester, and a stiff old piece at that. I had to completely redo the bust darts, etc. Then when I fitted the corduroy, guess what, the original darts from the pattern fit exactly! However, the center front is too wide on each side by at least 2 inches. I have posted this problem at Artisan's Square and quit for the night, because the jacket is supposed to have a 3 inch band added, making a grand total of 10 inches too much in the front! Gaaaaaah! To illustrate, I put a piece of peach fabric under the front flaps of the jacket and some white elastic to show the chalk marks where CF would ideally meet. The good news is, the sleeves and shoulders fit perfectly. I hope I can remember all the adjustments I have made to this pattern when I trace it for a permanent model.
The good news is, my sister received her pjs and they fit her perfectly! (We are mostly the same size so that was pretty easy.) She says she loves them - well she would say that anyway, but I hope it's true. She has asked for a gown and I already have the pattern and the fabric, it will be made after I make DGD something for Christmas and that will be after I finish this **** jacket!

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