Thursday, December 7, 2006

Betzina patterns

I can't figure out why Sandra Betzina's patterns do not even come close to fitting me. I am the right age and the right shape, but boy do they not fit! I threw away the pants pattern but still decided to try a jacket. Of course I am small boned and petite (in height, anyway). Maybe a 12 is not considered that big in RTW. Anyway, I have struggled with my muslin for the first jacket I have ever made from her collection (view on right). The first try the darts were several inches below my bustline even after I had adjusted for this. After moving the darts again, I also cut about an inch off the top of the shoulders (and I had already recut the armscye.). Plus the back darts were okay if I sewed them all the way down to the hemline. I was so sick of the muslin that I have decided to wing it with the sleeves and band with the corduroy fabric. Now the question is, do I go to Coldwater Creek for the turtleneck shirt (or Land's End) or make one from the Denver Fabric that exactly matches the pink embroidery on the black corduroy.
Update on my sister: her surgery is scheduled for January 16. Naturally I had already booked my flight to Baltimore for a visit. So, the question is, do I fly out to Baltimore and fly from there to Dallas via Airtran, or do I just bite the bullet, reschedule Airtran and take the hit on the ticket and fly direct to DFW? I am going to sleep on this one.

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BettyF said...

Hi Carole,

I have a couple of SB patterns, but I don't think I have tried them yet. Brain is a bit foggy at the moment. I think I have the opposite of your problem: boobs too big, too low, and the rest of me definitely larger that a 12, in pattern sizes anyway.

I did not realize until today that you were blogging too, so I will be back for a good read later. Meanwhile, supper calls.