Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Probably Out for Awhile

I leave Friday morning for my sister's home in Texas for two weeks. Her surgery went very well and I spoke with her this evening, so I am super happy about that. She tells me the pajamas I made for her are worn constantly. That makes me happy, but what doesn't make me happy are the UFOs I will be leaving behind. I started a bedjacket for her: problems with the lining not meeting the collar. I tried the new method of attaching the lining to the hem first. Not a good idea. So I put that aside and cut out a nightgown for her. She tells me she will be unable to wear PJs because of the scar. Serger problems! I am trying to use the "spreader" on the serger so as to use only two threads instead of four, due to the lightweight flannel. This is my first attempt to use the spreader, or just two threads, and of course I spent about two hours trying to get the seams right (on scrap fabric, thank goodness). Also, being me, I just couldn't resist adding decorative ribbon trim, which took longer. So, Christmas, two weeks of not feeling well, and packing: not enough time to finish these projects. When I get home I have to concentrate on the new investment property, the Sewing Expo, and a couple of pairs of pants for the family reunion coming up in March. Thank goodness, being my sister the Diva, she probably has loads of pretty nightgowns. If she doesn't, I WILL finish the flannel and mail it to her! Pictures later, I hope.

Oh, of course I still had time to shop for fabrics: olive silk dupioni from Forsyth Fabrics on Huff Street for only $14.95 a yard! This is for one of the pairs of pants I will take to family reunion.

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