Thursday, March 22, 2007


Today was my stepson's birthday. I pushed quite hard for DH and me to take the family out to dinner, and we went. DH has to get up very early every morning for radiation, and it makes him quite tired. I also had the idea of a little wine and cheese on our "patio" for us to bond in the evenings. So he agreed to that. Well, by the time we all got back to the house after dinner, and had cake, DH had had more than enough. He was in pain, tired, and very emotional. It really upset his son to see him like this. I don't think DSS has faced his father's emotional and physical state to the extent he saw it tonight. It was so painful for all of us, and not one of us did not have the thought that this might be the last birthday DSS would be able to celebrate with his father. When they left, DH confessed that he hated for his grandson to see him in the state he is in. But, that's all part of life. It's hard, nevertheless. I hate this time of my life, it is breaking my heart.

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