Sunday, March 18, 2007

Vogue T shirt

Last week I made a t-shirt with a cruise ship "sparkler" for my friend Lisa's birthday. It was such a hit with the girls at lunch that I felt like a true artist. Little do they know. I use the term "sparkler" as opposed to "applique"to distinguish between the embroidered appliques and these iron-on numbers that truly do sparkle. I get them from Sue's Sparkler's on the internet, although this one came
from the Mart. I successfully serged almost all of the shirt and was so proud that I seem to have conquered the problem I had with the serger. Of course a new problem is bound to pop up, but now I have the books for reference! I was so pleased with the fit of this shirt that I have become quite a convert to the Sandra Betzina patterns from Vogue. Fast and easy, and I have another cut out and ready to go. I am trying to get a few things made in case we can go on vacation to DH's family reunion at the beach, end of the month. This would be wonderful for him and we are all trying very hard to make it happen. He started radiation therapy last week to relieve his pain, but so far he doesn't think it's helping much. But he has another full week of radiation before we leave. The doctor is all for his having a measure of quality of life, so is trying very hard to be as helpful as possible with regard to taking a week off. The good news we got, it hasn't spread to his brain or anywhere else. There's a good chance we can lick this thing! And if he is cheerful it will help so much, hence being around his family.

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