Tuesday, March 6, 2007

Atlanta Sewing Expo!

I am leaving tomorrow to get ready for the Atlanta Sewing Expo, and I am so excited! We will go to our boat immediately after DH's doctor's appointment. This is when he will get the big news about his cancer: operable or not? So I am sure he will be in a baaaad mood, but I don't think even that will hold me down at the thought of all the new and exciting things I will be learning and seeing at the Expo. Not to say I need to go wild, though, because I have already been doing that. Every day something new arrives in the mail: I don't even have to leave home to spend money. Today and yesterday, books from Amazon. I have just learned I can order used books from there, if they don't carry the ones I want (oop).

And, just now I forced myself offline because I ordered from Sue's Sparklers, even though she is going to be at the Expo. However, my friend Lisa's birthday is next week and I saw a cruise ship applique on Sue's website, perfect for Lisa. Then of course, might as well order the shirt; and, as my order came to over $20, for a mere $10 more I can get the DVD.

Then, of course, is the online order for a house. Yes, indeed, $140,000 online for a house. Not as bad as it seems of course! This would be in DS hometown. Even though I have been checking the Realtor's website and located a house in the target neighborhood, DDIL is going to check it out for me, and DS as well if it passes her test. Then we'll see.

It's always something, and of course that's always (almost always) good. New job for DS, new house (maybe) for DS & me; all help to offset the myriad health problems that seem to be around home these days. Next week: PETT scan to see how much damage I seemed to have done with my (silent) heart attack. Wonder when that happened?

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