Thursday, March 1, 2007

Long time, no post. This is because I have been sitting around hospitals waiting to have procedures done on DH. I find this very depressing, duh. I briefly had an email correspondence with someone in town who was going to start a support group for spouses of individuals with chronic pain/disease. I haven't heard from her lately but would love to have some sort of support like that. We've had dozens of calls from concerned relatives, of course. And amazing the stories of people who - who knew? have had (and survived) cancer. But just to you, my blog, will I confess that I think DH is giving up on himself even before a final diagnosis. I think four years of pain have made him lose any confidence he had.

And as for sewing: more fabric purchases than actual sewing! Every night I go to the sewing room and wrestle with the new serger. I took a class last week and the instructor had us moving the needle, the thread finger, this and that, and I am convinced that I moved something that I did not return to it's original position.

So I have ordered the Complete Serger Book from Amazon, it has no sewing elements in the book, only problem solving. I can take the serger in, but what ultimately would that do for my knowledge? I want to be able to diagnois, and fix, that serger and become a master at using it.

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