Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Spending Money

Whoah! I often spend a hundred dollars or so when I leave the house but today was a doozy! First up, a haircut (really getting cute now that it's getting longer, DH was very complimentary!) Fine. Hancock Fabrics: just what I need, not! Several yards of fabric that I can only hope I will sew up this season. Then on to Trader Joe's---I love that place. Still not too bad. But the coupe de grace (how on earth do you spell that?): I have an accepted contract on my new fixxer. That put me over the spending top for today! The question has always been, with DH so ill, should I take on yet another project? My sister's advice put me over the top; she knows me so well. The house will get my mind off my husband's troubles, get me out of my home, the project is only 2 miles away, and my friend Harry is going to take on most of the work (I certainly hope. If not, I am SOL.)http://picasaweb.google.com/carolemellin/FawnLane

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