Monday, April 16, 2007

Stealing Ideas

I was reading LauraLo's blog this morning and she has made the cutest jacket. I am going to steal her idea for the upholstry fabric I purchased in Myrtle Beach on our vacation. She said she took the idea from Nordstrom's, so we all pass these ideas around anyway. I was so desperate to fabric shop in Myrtle Beach that I went to seven fabric shops, all were home dec stuff. I began to understand why some people on Stitcher's Guild are so frustrated with their choices. One more thing to be grateful about where I live. I put the fabric away somewhere in my stash, but if I can find it when I have the camera around, I'll post a picture of it. It is a gorgeous light aqua with silver threads. I think it is drapey enough for a jacket like this. Of course, with my tummy, I'll have to make it longer! I forget I no longer have the figure of the model above. Maybe this will inspire me to loose weight, and my sister just informed me of her success with Weight Watchers. Hmmmm! I have always been in competition with her on that. Boy do I know now what great figures we both had, and just a few years ago at that. How frustrating!

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