Wednesday, July 11, 2007

What I did today..

My girlfriend and first real estate partner came over to interupt my painting, bless her heart. We had a nice long chat and she got to see what I am currently doing. She became a builder. We always had long discussions about whether it is better to build (her) or renovate (me). She said something to me that I thought was astonishing: she felt that a big renovation like the one I am doing would overwhelm her. This, from a woman who takes a piece of bare ground and builds a house on it! At least I have the structure and a roof!

Also, I finally got a little sewing in. I had to come home to use the bathroom (grrrr, partner, get that toilet in!) and so then I needed to eat, and so then I had a few phone calls to make...I never made it back to the house. So, I had some energy left to sew until the serger messed up again. (Or should I say, until I messed up the serger again? I swear I was just sewing along.)

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