Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Oh no, a fabric co-op!

Sooner or later this WILL become a sewing blog. Right now too many other things are going on in my life (see photos of Fawn Lane renovation). But of course I must still buy fabric...if not in a store, then online. And I have discovered fabric co-ops! Oh this is just what I need. I have ordered some Powerdry (no idea of how to sew on this fabric, but I plan some long sleeved tee shirts for fall). Then up came some fleece--I could see cherry red for a warm up suit. Next up was French terry. Well the most beautiful teal came up, must have four yards of that. I must stay away from all this fabric. DH and I had a little argument about how my "sewing room" is overtaking his "play room". My point is that he never uses his play room and his point is, "so what! My stuff is getting shoved around!" Men...if it isn't being used, it should be mine, all mine! The stash is shouting at me "What isn't getting used? Look over here!"

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