Thursday, August 23, 2007


My girlfriends have decided we need to get together every Thursday. We play cards one week, go to lunch the next. Today we played canasta at Lisa's and this morphed into going out to dinner at Chicago's. I feel mildly guilty about this, but not enough guilt to not go. I am so sick of the "flip house" I need a break, and it doesn't hurt to get away from DH every once in awhile. Tomorrow we go "early" (he says) to the boat, so that takes me away Friday, Saturday, and Sunday, taking four days of the week away from working on the flip house. Oh well, what's life without a LOT of fun! Meanwhile the Burda pattern for the dinosaur costume came in for DGS. Oh my, I can see a lot of sewing on this, stuffed headpiece and all. All my lovely stash fabrics are growling. And I went to the pharmacy and bought five of the five for $10 T-shirts so I can have SOMETHING to wear. Everything else is paint-spattered.

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