Thursday, August 30, 2007

70th Post!

Who knew I could stay with a project soooo long? But I do enjoy jotting down my thoughts occasionally. The last time I kept a "diary" I was in about the 6th grade. I may still have it around! I do remember talking about clothes...some things never change. And my last post was on Thursday also, something about going out with my girlfriends gets me quite chatty! Today we commiserated about our mutual friend Emily, who is quite ill. She fell so often that her children moved her to an extended care facility. Now, these things happen, but they should NOT happen like this: her kids sold everything she owned for a GRAND TOTAL of $1,200, including a leather sofa and loveseat that alone were worth that much. But the worse thing is, they kept nothing of her personal stuff to take with her. Nothing! Including, I presume, her much loved dog. Our lesson today was to take care of these things proactively and make arrangements. Our gift: our children would not do such things to us, for sure!

On the flip house front: tomorrow I meet with my very sweet but totally incompetent partner, and try to buy him out of this project at a price acceptable to both. I don't want to hurt his feelings but he has not put forth the expertise that I thought he would bring to the table. And, for example, even waiving my real estate commission I am $60,000 into this project and he is $1,300. Not quite equal!

One final thing for rememberance: my son told me my four year old granddaughter is so upset that her brother is off to school all day that she is threatening to pack up and "come see Mia!" That's my little darling!

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