Sunday, September 2, 2007

Alone and Loving It

I think it must be my Catholic background, but the title of this post superstitiously suggests to me that some day I might be alone and NOT lovin' it! However, this is the first time in I don't remember when that I have been alone in the house and not been ill. DH is at the boat for the holiday weekend. He took along his son and a buddy to work on the engines, which gave me a perfect excuse to stay home. They left after one day, but there are parties and things all over the dock. Harold is much loved there and invited to dinner, breakfast, etc., etc. and so he's being well fed and taken care of. He's so social, but I have to admit I am something of a hermit. I believe this weekend alone will recharge my batteries and catch me up on some paperwork. I have been a complete slug, watching TV and reading. I said the most productive thing I have done is clean the litter box!

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