Thursday, September 6, 2007

My listing is in!

The Fawn Lane house is officially on the market, though not officially done yet! The travertine backsplash went in last night, the guy is quite an artisan (and also seems to be suitably tempramental) I love it! No pictures yet, but the house seems to be well priced via the competition and I hope it sells, because as well as pouring my heart into the project I've poured all my savings. Tonight I pay bills, and I'll see how far behind I am in all this. Harold is sulking because, although we told everyone how well he did with his CAT scan he has not had any congratulatory calls! Hmmmm. Sounds like he's just in a bad mood. Also tonight is the first version of Tim Gunn's new "Guide to Style" show on Bravo TV, as well as a sneak peek at next season's designers...presumably they will mention, at least, when the darn season 4 of "Project Runway" starts...I need to get my sewing mojo again. Also, must finish Aidan's "dragon" costume before my visit, which is coming up VERY soon. Get busy!!!!

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