Wednesday, August 8, 2007


I've decided to make this blog into some truthful sayings about my life in general. I'm sure no one reads it anyway: if you are, stop! Because I intend to whine a lot right now. My DH has lung cancer and our lives are in a complete holding pattern around it. There is supposed to be a "Well Spouse" group starting up and if so I might be a great big whiney b*ch at the meetings. Ya know, I try to be supportive and all that. DH went over to the flip house and fixed a couple of wiring problems; he fixed a window; and he's worked on the yard. Do you think I'm grateful? No, I whined because some friends are planning a terrific cruise in December and he's afraid to go. Now, he has every right to be nervous about a cruise many months away, for God's sake. But, to be truthful, the crux of the matter is his attitude. He would be just the same if he were in the most stupendous health. He wants to know everything, and I mean every single thing, about what might possibly go wrong. I am more the "sign me up!" type and this exemplifies everything about our relationship. We could NOT be more different. I did, rather shamefacedly, thank him for all his efforts at the house WHILE he was paying for the lunch I insisted he buy me. And I very rarely fix dinner for him (I cannot get in the least interested in cooking during evening hours.) He is so uncomplaining and accepting of me. I am an ungrateful bad sport. But I still want to go off somewhere. Fortunately Lisa and Rick have invited us to their mountain vacation home for the weekend. Maybe I'll be less of a bear when I've been away for a couple of days. And also when this flip is finished I'm going to take some time off!

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