Friday, October 5, 2007

Dragons for Halloween

I am sure accomplished sewists will snort with amusement when I say that I am so glad to be finished with this project. It took me quite a long time. I absolutely am in awe of people like Liana, Carolyn, Robin and all the other talented ladies who post on Artisan Square. They sew up a suit during the weekend. However, it's their charm and giving spirits that keep me at the sewing machine. Next week I'll be back to sewing a few things for myself. I am trying to perfect a pattern for a quick pair of pull-on pants, elastic waist naturally, so I look a little more presentable than jeans. As Laura Bennett says, "It's a slippery slope" and I'm more than halfway down the hill. Time to struggle back up.

I finally finished the download of "The Secret World of Haute Couture" on a mystery software (to me) called UTorrent. Many of the ladies of Artisan Square were intrigued by the process of haute couture. I, however, was much more struck by the absolute rigidity of discipline of the older ladies who purchased the garments. Size four in one's late sixties or seventies is an accomplishment I would love to emulate.

* Edited to add this comment (on another subject) from Ann Rowley: "As I use mostly BWOF patterns - and agree that they have few markings - I almost always add extra marking at the flat pattern/paper stage. i work out in my head how everything goes together and then I decide where extra marks would help."

Wouldn't you know it, the "dragon" pattern was from Burda. No wonder I had a lot of trouble with that big headpiece!

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