Friday, November 16, 2007

No More Contract on the flip

What a year of ups and downs this has been. Moan, moan, moan. But I did just lose the contract on the flip and I am depressed and angry. Wow, I am just about at the end of my tether as far as my budget is concerned and now I'm going to be holding on to this house for awhile longer. I am depressed about that, but also angry about the *** buyer. First time buyers are so annoying. I already lowered the price 5%, agreed to pay her closing costs (5%) agreed to fix a $3,000 issue, paying 3% in brokerage fees, etc., etc., etc. Does she want a new Mercedes in the garage as well? (Just a saying of mine, it's really only a carport.) Well, I guess I get hit with this housing market as well as everyone else. The stress is BAD, but then again there are a lot worse out there. Tori just had a heart attack, a bad one; my cousin Bill is dying of liver cancer, and then there is DH. Getting old sucks. Big time. The buyer backed out of the contract (the agent said) because he couldn't reach me on my cell today-I forgot to charge it. I can only hope that's karma and I'll end up with a better contract. I was out all day because I was fixing the vent hood issue at Ikea and it took me all afternoon. So sue me. Beeah.

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